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Sonya Gotziaman, RP

I am available for in-person, video conferencing, and phone sessions.

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Over my years as a Psychotherapist, I have found video conferencing sessions and phone sessions are incredibly effective for clients who are too busy to make it to therapy sessions in person, are not well enough to get to therapy sessions, or live in communities where they have limited access to psychotherapy services. As someone who has lived both in urban and rural settings, my personal understanding of both has been very beneficial for clients who live in rural settings as well as urban.

In-person sessions are at:

359 Jane Street (north of Bloor near Annette)
Toronto, On
M6S 3Z3


3335 Yonge Street (north of Lawrence),
Suite 306
Toronto, Ontario
M4N 2L9

Video conferencing sessions are by Doxy (Similar to using Skype, but is a confidential system used by medical professionals). Video conferencing sessions are available to anyone in Canada, and are scheduled at preset times. There is no additional fee for my clients who use Doxy.

Doxy is HIPAA compliant, so client privacy is maintained. End-to-end encryption is always used and identifying information is never recorded. Clients do not need to create an account, login, or download anything to use this service.

Phone sessions
I call you for the phone sessions at the preset appointment time, and I incur any long distance charges. Phone sessions are available to anyone in Canada.

Payment is made by cash, cheque or e-transfer. All e-transfer payments must be made prior to the appointment and I don’t deposit the transfer until after the appointment. All Doxy and phone sessions must be paid for by e-transfer unless we have agreed upon another payment method.

Registered Psychotherapists are now covered by a number of insurance plans so be sure to check your insurance plan to see if your appointments would be covered.

Sonya Gotziaman, RPAddress: 1) 359 Jane Street (north of Bloor near Annette), Toronto, On, M6S 3Z3
2) 3335 Yonge Street (north of Lawrence), Suite 306, Toronto, On, M4N 2L9

Phone: 416-459-8483