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Sonya Gotziaman, RP
I am a versatile and experienced therapist who has worked with a wide range of client needs and concerns over the last 25 years. Below are a sampling of the issues and areas that I have successfully addressed with clients or/and workshop participants.

Couples and Relationships

Some of the many issues I help people with are:

Anger Management
Communication Problems
Conflict Resolution
Financial Stress
Incompatible Goals
In-law Problems
Lack of Interest
Lack of Romance
Personality Differences
Power Struggles
Optimal Sex
Sexual Incompatibility


Some of the many issues I help people with are:

Community Supports
Decision to Parent or Not
Effective Communication and Boundaries
Empty Nest Syndrome
Issues with Adolescents
Personalizing Your Best Parenting Style
Post-partum Depression
Pregnancy Support
Problem Solving at All Ages of Child Development
Raising a Resilient Child
Supporting an Exceptional Child

Sex Therapy

Some of the many issues I help people with, using talk therapy are:

BDSM Support
Erectile Difficulties
Gender Identity
LGBTQ+ inclusive
Low Libido
Monogamy Alternatives
Optimal Sex
Orgasm Issues
Painful Sex
Pornography and Erotica – uses and abuses
Sex Addictions
Sex Work
Sexual Orientations


Some of the many issues I help adolescent clients with during one-to-one confidential counselling are:

Academic Struggles
Broken Heart Recovery
Bullying or Victimization
Dating and Relationship Issues
Future Planning
Isolation and Loneliness
Managing Your Cyber Presence
Racism, Sexism, and Prejudice
Sex and Sexuality
Social and Workplace Skills
Suicide Ideation and Prevention

Individual Therapy

Some of the many issues I help people with are:

Abuse Issues (Physical, Sexual, Emotional)
Anger Management
Bereavement and Grief
Body Image and Eating Disorders
Cancer Survivors and their families
Career Counselling
Caregiver Support
Decision Making and Future Planning
Effective Communication Skills
Self Care and Self Support
Sense of Purpose
Single Parenting
Suicide Ideation and Prevention
Terminally Ill Clients
Workplace discomfort


I enjoy designing and offering workshops for groups, schools, organizations, and businesses upon request. My years of public speaking have included teaching at Sheridan College. I am happy to say that the feedback I have received tells me I know how to capture the interest of an audience and keep it.

  • Workshops I have presented include:
  • The Committed Couples Workshop
  • Care for Kids: Sexual Abuse Prevention
  • Career Shift: Finding the Career for You
  • Body Image: Loving the Body You Have
  • Conscious Parenting: Personalizing Your Parenting Style
  • Understanding Childhood Anxiety and How You Can Help
Sonya Gotziaman, RP

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